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These boilers are the same indoor wood burning boilers that have been manufactured for generations. They have evolved over 45 years to incorporate improvements in quantity and function. 

Agricultural and commercial applications can still use these exact stoves and are not effected by the new guidelines that were put into affect by the EPA.

Laws have been modified by the EPA that affect residential users. Residential applications now need to move into a more complicated piece of equipment that requires large water storage tanks and involves restarting the fire daily. They also require major cleaning services that are usually performed by a paid professional. 

Our "Flagship" models are still 76% AFUE. They require very little maintenance aside from cleaning ash out on an as needed basis. They regulate the water temp by adjusting air flow entering the burn chamber. The water can be used for any form of hydronic heating imaginable. They come standard with several ports for aquastat installation to control pump and air floiw. All of our units utilize a closed loop system which ensures resistance to rusting from the water jacket. 

National Stove Works is the manufacturer of the Thermo Control brand and have been making these wood burning boilers for over 45 years. With a long history manufacturing these exact models, they have been able to learn where improvements need to be made. Imagine having such a long history of making one model in different sizes for so long and then think about all the chances you get to improve on welding techniques, steel thicknesses, controls, air flow inside the burn chamber, ect.

We are proud to continue offering these boilers for the Agricultural and Commercial industries. 

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We have been shipping these boilers all over the United States and Canada for many years and would be very happy to advise you on application advise as well as sizing and installation advise. 

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Indoor Woodburning Boilers

Commercial and Agricultural


  Use for any hot water application. Radiant floor heat, Radiant baseboard, Hydro-air, Domestic water, Pool heating

Ease of installation

 Feed and return ports with additional ports for Aquastats .

Installation support

We're happy to step you through the installation process. (Not complicated) 

Made in the USA

Manufactured in New York using American Steel for over 45 years


 Very dependable and predictable performance 


 UL listed as indoor 

Robust Design

Quick Facts

Constructed of 1/4" & 3/16" thick hot rolled steel

Top and sides are one continuous piece

 Continuous welds are made at all interior seams

 Air tight construction

 Automatically controls primary air intake

Preheats primary air for hotter combustion

 Provides additional preheated fresh air to secondary

 combustion chamber

Allows for near total combustion of volatile 

gases which have passed under the baffle, 

thus optimum combustion efficiency

Assures hotter flue gas temperatures which minimize possibility  
of creosote buildup 

Under construction, Baffels welded midway up between firebox and water jacket.
Under construction, Baffels welded midway up between firebox and water jacket.

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